The Blessings of Oil Changes?


Most mechanics recommend that vehicle oil changes occur every 2,500 miles and tire rotations take place at every other visit.  These routine visits keep the engine properly lubricated and limit uneven wear to the tire treads. Many of us do not follow the manufacturer’s warranty recommendations, and thus incur an unexpected loss of time and money.  However, our commitment of obedience in following the vehicle manufacturer’s directions is vital to maintaining the operation and value of the automobile.

The Israelites wandered the wilderness during their forty years of defiance.  God had led them out of the bondage of Egypt under the leadership of Moses, the humblest man on the face of the earth (Numbers 12:3).  Not long after escaping the oppression of Pharaoh, the Israelites complained about their situation. God, time after time, provided for them.

In Leviticus 26:3-13, God set forth a few conditional “land” promises to His people if only they would “walk in My statutes and keep My commandments” (26:3). First, God would bless them with the fullness of the land (26:4-5).  They would have perfect growing conditions according to the seasons and an abundant food supply. Secondly, God would bless them with peace in the land (26:6-10). They would have no reason to fear their enemies, no matter how many they were outnumbered by.  Finally, by obediently following the commandments of the Lord, they would be blessed by His presence in the land (26:11-13). God would dwell and walk among them. All of these blessings would be theirs if they followed these divine directions.

Today, the blessings of obedience are attainable for all men (Ephesians 1:3; Romans 16:19).  Just as following your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations will result in a more efficient vehicle performance, following the commandments of God will bless your life spiritually.  Although upkeep on your vehicle and salvation takes effort, it is to your advantage to do so. As John recorded, “For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments; and His commandments are not burdensome” (1 John 5:3).  Don’t look at His commandments as a burden, but a blessing!

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