You might be asking what is the “Trail to Teleios?” As most newsletters or blogs have a catchy name or slogan, this is what I selected. I don’t know many Greek words, but one I am familiar with is “teleios.” A few years ago I heard a sermon from a preacher explaining how this word, sometimes translated “perfect” (just like in Matthew 5:48) means complete, mature, or perfect. As Jesus explained on the Sermon on the Mount, we are to be “perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect.” Not that we are going to be sinless, but we should be striving to become complete, mature or perfect in our walk with Christ (my family’s walk happens to be on a trail). His Word is our ultimate guide and I am excited about the opportunity to be formally trained by the instructors of SEIBS over the next 2 years.  This blog will be used to communicate assigned class work as well as any personal writings I may share.  Please check back often.